Protecting Your Assets

Caring for Your Sea Doo PWC

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of protecting your assets after each Sae Doo tour to keep your Sea-Doo watercraft looking like new after a freshwater ride. Here are my tips for protecting your assets while riding in Ontario and throughout Canada on your Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Waverunner watercraft – and I have many more tips you might be interested in… Clean ‘em… As soon as I load up my … [Read more...]

Cruise for Cruising

Riding with Sea Doo cruise control active

What can Sea-Doo’s iControl do for you while riding Sea Doo watercraft in Ontario and throughout Canada? It provides cruise for cruising and I really love this feature. I didn’t use it much at first, mainly because I thought it would be too limiting. Boy, was I wrong– and I've found many other products you might be interested in! First Attempts With Sea Doo Cruise… I tried it a couple of times, … [Read more...]

Basic Essentials for Sea-Doo Riders

Sea Doo watercraft beached for a rest break

So what are the basic essentials for Sea-Doo riders? Going on a Sea Doo tour in Ontario and throughout Canada is easier than ever thanks to the rider-friendly technology on Sea-Doo watercraft. Brake, reverse, neutral starting, suspension and cruise control are just a few of the innovations that making Sea-Doo riding a breeze. In fact, going Sea-Doo riding is so comfortable and hassle-free that … [Read more...]

Sea Doo Launching Check List

Sea Doo being launched at ramp

My Sea Doo launching check list is common sense, not rocket science, but overlooking any one of these items can be trouble. I have many more tips to make your PWC riding more enjoyable while on Sea Doo tour in Ontario and throughout Canada on your Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Yamaha Waverunner watercraft. My Sea-Doo dealer, Gateway Powersports & Marine, helped me with these tips… Check for … [Read more...]

Bay of Quinte Sea Doo Tour Video

Martello Tower  at Confederation Basin, Kingston

On days when winds are calm, this Bay of Quinte Sea Doo Tour from Trenton to Kingston, Ontario is a scenic adventure in Canada. It’s about a 226-kilometre round trip on the Bay of Quinte, Adolphus Reach and the North Channel, in waters largely protected from Lake Ontario by the islands that form Prince Edward County, commonly known as “The County”. There are many bays and back channels to explore, … [Read more...]

Locking Thru


The locking thru process can be intimidating at first. Sea-Doo watercraft riders may encounter locks on some waterways while going on Sea Doo tour on Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Waverunner watercraft in Ontario and throughout Canada. Sometimes, a lock can be self-operated (Boaters locking thru are responsible for the whole process, including working lock mechanisms.) But trained staff operates most locks, … [Read more...]