Sea Doo Jet Ski Waverunner Ontario Rental List


It’s a good idea for beginners to try before you buy, so if riding a personal watercraft appeals to you, use this Sea Doo Jet Ski Waverunner Ontario Rental List to rent one for a couple of hours or a full day of PWC adventures on #ontariowaterways. Maybe you are already hooked, but only have time to go once or twice each summer. Or perhaps you already own a PWC, but need an extra or two for a … [Read more...]

Jet Ski Riding Accessory Wish List

Why Doesn't Anyone Make What's on my LIst?

I’ve identified a jet ski riding accessory wish list after many years of going on self guided Sea Doo tours on my Sea-Doo watercraft in Ontario and throughout Canada – products or features that to my knowledge either don’t exist or at least I haven’t found them yet (see the ones I have found). Have you seen anything like these for Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Wave Runner watercraft – or maybe you have some … [Read more...]

Top PWC Myths and Facts


I’m always amazed by some of the popular PWC misconceptions that people have. Some may have been true once, but these myths aren’t anymore. Others may have some partial basis in fact. Some are simply bogus. Most often, I hear these PWC misconceptions from folks who’ve either never driven a personal watercraft (or at least not recently) or who have some other agenda to push. It's time to take a … [Read more...]

Good Reasons for Fall Sea Doo Riding


Many Sea Doo, Jet Ski and Waverunner personal watercraft owners hang up their PFD’s after Labour Day. While I can appreciate that the last long weekend psychologically marks the end of summer for many people, anyone who puts their PWC away is missing some great fall riding in Ontario, be they experts or beginners. Warmer Fall Riding Whatever else may or may not be happening with climate change, … [Read more...]

Rear Retractable Ratchet Straps Product Review


Used to be that every time I fastened the backs of my two Sea-Doo GTX S 155 watercraft to my Triton PWC Trailer, I thought to myself…“There must be a better way!” Like experienced riders and beginners, I’d tried ropes, regular tie down straps and ratchet straps. None are as quick or easy as I’d like. Sure, if I take my time, I can make my PWC’s secure, but there’s too much fiddling around and … [Read more...]

Best Floating Sunglasses Product Review

20150711_093121 - Version 2

It can happen to experts or beginners in an instant. One second your favourite sunglasses are in place, the next they’re sinking out of sight. Maybe it was a wave. Perhaps it was the g-force of a sharp turn. Or maybe they just slipped off your face as you bent over at the dock. Whatever the case, unless you’re quick as a seal and can dive like one, your sunglasses are gone, and your eyes are in … [Read more...]