Five Best Ontario Sea Doo River Rides


Sheer pleasure is what you can expect from trying one of five best Ontario Sea Doo river adventures! Even a beginner can cover a lot of distance on a self guided daylong Sea Doo tour on #ontariowaterways, clipping along at 64 to 80 kph (40 to 50 mph) wherever there’s no speed limit. Even given rest breaks, sight-seeing and fuel and food stops, racking up a couple of hundred kilometres is easy – … [Read more...]

Sea Doo Spark Kawartha Adventure Rentals


Everyday’s a holiday for someone during the summer, so why not make the most fun of your time near the water by renting a Sea-Doo Spark? But where do you get one? I guess that’s why so many people in the Greater Toronto, Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton and Bancroft areas frequently ask me where they can try riding a Sea-Doo watercraft. Until recently, my answer has been that unless you have a friend … [Read more...]

Best PWC Emergency Tools


Sitting behind a big cruiser, we started up our two Sea-Doo watercraft as the lock gates opened. My GTX S 155 operated normally at first, but after a couple more revs, the other PWC seemed to go into limp home mode. That’s the safety mode selected by the on board computer when something’s amiss to prevent engine damage. My immediate thought was that something had got sucked through the grate … [Read more...]

Sea Doo Jet Ski Waverunner Ontario Rental List


It’s a good idea for beginners to try before you buy, so if riding a personal watercraft appeals to you, use this Sea Doo Jet Ski Waverunner Ontario Rental List to rent one for a couple of hours or a full day of PWC adventures on #ontariowaterways. Maybe you are already hooked, but only have time to go once or twice each summer. Or perhaps you already own a PWC, but need an extra or two for a … [Read more...]

Jet Ski Riding Accessory Wish List

Why Doesn't Anyone Make What's on my LIst?

I’ve identified a jet ski riding accessory wish list after many years of going on self guided Sea Doo tours on my Sea-Doo watercraft in Ontario and throughout Canada – products or features that to my knowledge either don’t exist or at least I haven’t found them yet (see the ones I have found). Have you seen anything like these for Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Wave Runner watercraft – or maybe you have some … [Read more...]

Top PWC Myths and Facts


I’m always amazed by some of the popular PWC misconceptions that people have. Some may have been true once, but these myths aren’t anymore. Others may have some partial basis in fact. Some are simply bogus. Most often, I hear these PWC misconceptions from folks who’ve either never driven a personal watercraft (or at least not recently) or who have some other agenda to push. It's time to take a … [Read more...]