Top 5 Sea Doo Technologies For Best PWC Riding

Here are my top 5 technologies for great PWC riding on a Sea Doo tour for experienced riders and beginners. If you haven’t been on one of these advanced technology personal watercraft, you’re really missing the boat (lol)! As an experienced touring rider on my Sea Doo GTX 155, these technologies and many other products take my Ontario touring to a whole …

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Winterizing Sea Doo Watercraft For Storage

Thought about winterizing Sea Doo watercraft? In our eagerness eager to ready our watercraft for the summer, experienced rider and beginners often forget. Forget that the best preparation happens months before during the winterizing process. A little TLC in the fall can add years of life to my Sea Doo GTX 155. It also makes going on Sea Doo tour on Sea Doo, …

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